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The first version of Nissan Murano waiting for official sales in the Russian market for more than two years. As a result, the only winners are the "gray" dealers, while the manufacturer together with eager buyers have found a headache with the service of non-certified copies. Produced the second generation crossover, the Japanese did not repeat the mistakes - in Russia it will be available in January.

In short, the wait is long. However, despite the best efforts of the Japanese, "gray" ahead of them again - the first instance of the second Murano appeared in Moscow in the summer, and despite the fact that the official presentation of the European model was only in mid-September. However, neither of which the mass importation of uncertified machines to the Russian market at this time of the question, and such "leakage" is so catastrophic consequences for the manufacturer have not. Crossover and become familiar not have time, and servismenov headaches arise.

Moreover, customers are guaranteed a legal vehicle for at least one pleasant surprise. To the new Murano is set to once again upgraded 3.5-liter V6 Series VQ, but if the European versions, it develops 252 hp, we have the figure will be specifically reduced to 249 "horses". Slight difference in power, but the tax cuts will please any economist. And take into account the fact that the cost of new items will also remain virtually unchanged - the specific numbers until the Japanese call it, but I promise that the price difference between the old and new versions of the Murano will be negligible. Although it causes a serious increase of the Japanese, in the long run and it was not: the difference between the machines is minimal.

In particular this applies to the exterior. Formally, all body parts, somehow changed, but the real second Murano almost exact copy of the first. He even dimensions are the same, only the length increased by 64 mm. In general, under certain circumstances, can be taken as a novelty restaylingovuyu version of the first-born. On the other hand, in the understanding restyled Nissan, it does that change the bumpers and headlamp layout. In this case the metamorphosis more substantial.

From quite original, but causes a lot of debate appearance, a la the "flying saucer» Murano, fortunately, is not disposed of. Moreover, he got even more space optics, muscular profile with prominent wheel arches, and, if I may say so, "kashkaistymi" tail lights. The latter, in theory, should emphasize the direct relationship with the bestselling brand new flagship, but it is the maximum that the liberty of the Japanese - the distance between the Qashqai and Murano is still great.

If only because the compact "relative" new items will never be any of the interior, or a similar set of equipment. Murano still in the American space and comfort. Sitting inside is not facing the elbows and do not ask about where to put his feet. And this is true for both front and rear passengers. Among the major innovations in ergonomics - the ability to adjust the steering on the flight (the predecessor column just went up and down). As we note the lack of lack of vertical alignment of the front passenger seat (at least on the test car). Frankly, the front seats do not really like - they are comfortable to sit in, but lateral support is rather poor.

However, the design of the Japanese interior not bet on sport, and the luxuriousness. Worked on the interior designers obviously inspired products Infiniti, so characteristic of the predecessor "Chopped" forms, as Nissan 350Z, then simply left. Reminiscent of a sports coupe "tidy" has given way to quite a solid panel, and center console with its characteristic "shelf" has become more soft contours ... Of course, the stylistic component supplemented with quality finishes - all finishes inside the Murano (except metal inserts) began to look richer.

However, it is possible that a contribution is made available to view and equipment. And its here, as you might expect, plenty: all electric seats, steering column and even tailgate ... About the "climate", "navigation" and upgraded Bose audio system and say nothing. As of sets of options. For example, the former at our disposal vehicles, one was from the panoramic roof, the other - with integrated multimedia DVD-system. But the new side camera comes in a standard package. Of course, this is not the video complex AVM, as the Infiniti EX, but park it will be much easier. By the way, the new Murano, unlike its predecessor, suggests Russia has not one, but two versions, so now you can pick up the car, they say, "for themselves."

Another, of course, an important innovation was the introduction of the new technology of color. As if it did not sound fantastic, but the second is not afraid of Murano ... scratches, at least, superficial. All machines are covered with a special polymer that fills minor damage when heated to 50 degrees. Comfortable? Without a doubt. The more that it really works - right in the presentation by representatives of Nissan had rapid test using a wire brush and hot water. Defects dragged before our eyes! Not only that, the Japanese promised that the service is a certified hi-tech coating will recover and when painting new parts. The only question is how the owner can check its availability - "on the spot", with the same brush? It is unlikely that the insurance company wants to pay a repeat repair. So there will have to rely solely on the conscience of painters.

The choice of the power unit, the potential owner of the traditional Murano no. However, complaining about it is very unlikely to. Upgraded V6 paired with a proprietary M-CVT very decent pulls steadily accelerated and has a relatively low fuel consumption. And the first "hundred", he is now "transfer any" for a full second before. Add to this the excellent behavior of the car on the highway. However, the ride seems to be the second generation crossover, is still inferior. The improved suspension are stiffer (by 50% and increased rigidity), banks and rebound fell ... But at the same time with small bumps car handles worse - even noticeable vibration in the cabin, and not just on the wheel. It is, incidentally, claims at least. How, in general, and to the car as a whole - the new Murano is the money that will be asked for it. However, do not rush things. Just let's hope that in this respect the Japanese customer expectations will not be deceived.

technical characteristics Dimensions: Nissan Murano Length (mm) 4834 Width (mm) 1880 Height (mm) 1730 Wheelbase (mm) 2825 Ground clearance (mm) 180 Curb weight (kg) 1820 Trunk volume (liters) 402-838 Rab. Displacement (cm3) 3498 Max. Power (hp) 249 @ 6000 r / min Max. torque (Nm) 334 at 4400 r / min Max. speed 210 Acceleration 0-100 km / h (c) 8 Average fuel consumption (liters) 10.9 Price (Euro) n

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