Lexus LS Flagship Price

All the differences from the pre-reform machine came down to the new optics, bumpers and grille, which is now the same as the models RX, GS and ES.

Under which began its work yesterday Moscow Motor Show Lexus company at its booth introduced two major innovations: sedan ES and LS. And if the price of ES model, we know for a long time, the price list for the redesigned LS see interesting. Car sales will begin in November, and the costs of bringing an updated flagship, can be calculated now.

To order versions are also available F Sport. The minimum price of the car in such a modification (rear-drive LS 460) - 4,698,000 rubles.

Offer customers a choice of two versions of the sedan: LS 460 and the hybrid LS 600h. Drive - or the rear or full. For both types of supplies and an elongated version of the body. The minimum price of the car - 4,275,000 rubles. For the money the buyer will get a rear-wheel drive as standard chetyrehdverku. All-wheel drive version of the same top-end Lexus LS 600h c long wheelbase and the luxurious design will cost 6.29 million rubles.

The car has received an upgraded interior, executed in the same style.

Competitors of the new items old and strong. Audi A8 flagship sedan in the country is at least 3.95 million rubles. True, it is a machine with a 290-horsepower gasoline engine, but "the base" is a four-wheel drive. Mercedes S-Class to which it is time to rest, is worth at least 3.5 million rubles, and the 306-horsepower car is priced at 3.9 million rubles. Price list for the upgraded BMW seven series starts with a mark of 3.4 million.

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