Toyota Auris Hatchback Preview and Pictures

The public debut of new items will be held in Paris in September. But the Japanese decided not to wait for auto show to reveal all the facets of his hatchback.

The Japanese have published a series of official photographs pyatidverki Auris 2013 model year. While the exterior of this car thanks shpioneram no longer a secret, it is the new staff coming a hit can be seen from all sides. Or not hit. After all, look out quite controversial.

Pleased to note that the new passenger car Auris 40 kg lighter than its predecessor, while at the same time the body became rigid.

New generation Toyota Auris has 4275 mm long, 1760 - wide and 1460 - in height, that is pyatidverka to take 30 mm longer and 55 mm lower than the current model, and the width is the same. Wheelbase is also unchanged - 2600 mm. But at six liters of boot capacity has grown (from 354 to 360 liters, assuming the level of the windows.)

In the sale of the new model will go into early 2013.

It is known that the Auris hybrid version will be built around a petrol engine of 1.8 liters. The machine will quickly and economically, but, unfortunately, in that Hatch trunk, according to some, will shrink to 127 liters. Also under the hood are expected to model Auris petrol engines of 1.3 and 1.5 (the latter with both front and all-wheel drive), and more - diesel engine capacity of 1.4 liters.

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