The New Generation Audi A4

One of the hybrid version will get the power unit, consisting of a petrol engine 2.0 TFSI (225 troops) and an electric motor (35), embedded in the gearbox housing.

The struggle for a liter of fuel savings and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide - a future that awaits all car companies. How close to the heart of the situation perceived in the company Audi, we see the example of the family of Audi A4. The car will be built in the next generation of modified modular platform MLB evo, and one of the main challenges will be to enhance the development of efficient models.

The world debut of the new Audi A4 sedan will generate in 2014. Most likely, it will happen at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to the publication Car, a new "fourth-and" lose weight by 100 kg, and the curb weight of approximately 1400 kg. Pervasive audit touches first bodywork: significantly increase the proportion of aluminum and high-strength steels. In this Audi A4 with index B9 grow in all directions and get a new service equipment.

Audi A4 Avant wagon will go on sale in 2015, and later the Germans will present the coupe and convertible Audi A5, as well as a hatchback Audi A5 Sportback.

And, of course, fuel consumption reduction is impossible without new powertrains. And here the Germans plan to surprise the audience. British journalists as they say, in the line will be two versions of the hybrid modification, as well as performance e-Quattro, which rotation of the rear axle will be in charge two electric motors with total capacity of 136 forces. Undergo modernization and popular two-liter engines: 2.0 TFSI petrol force received 225 and 350 N • m, and the diesel - a little over 190 hp and 400 Nm.

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