Audi Quattro

Externally, the new incarnation Quattro should be somewhere between a three-door hatchback and crossover. Already "in the database" car will get 20-inch wheels and a full LED optics front and rear.

Four-wheel drive four-seater is intended to continue the glorious traditions of the original Audi Quattro trehdverki 1980. In the new lineup will take place between the TT coupe and R8. Benefit between them there is a considerable gap in the sizes available range of engines and the most significant - in the price. The upcoming sports car was named Audi Sport Quattro. The title of one of the "hot" versions of its ideological predecessor, rally car in road design. Internal factory index new items - Q35 - hints at the planned date for the launch of a series of machines - in March 2015, the 35th anniversary model Quattro.

By the way, in 2010 (on the thirtieth Coupe Quattro) the company has built a show car Audi quattro Concept, which later were promised release of a very limited edition. Now, it seems, the plan changed. A similar model will draw the Germans again and turn into a mass.

Company Audi expects to sell at 10 000 Sport Quattro year. This car should compete with the BMW M4 coupe and Mercedes C 63 AMG. True, the unnamed sources in the company did not mention the most formidable motor, as long as planned to put under the hood of Audi Sport Quattro. A 2.5-liter "turbopyaterka" with return to 380 hp As a couple quick-appointed automated gearbox S tronic. In terms of power-to "fighters" will rely only on the record low for the class weight (forecast - less than 1.3 m). Indeed, in the back polnoprivodnika engineers from Ingolstadt going to use a lot of aluminum and carbon fiber. Insiders claim that due to such a strict diet acceleration from zero to 100 km / h at the beginner will take a little more than four seconds, which is about at the level coupe Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series, have a "heart" to 517 "horses" .

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