Russians Have Infiniti JX Crossover In 2013

Seven-seat crossover Infiniti JX is available on a single plant - in Smyrna, Tennessee.

In late 2011, showed to the world the next house on wheels - Infiniti JX. Nearly five feet in length, nearly two meters wide, three rows of seats, seven seats - this car was created with an eye on the American market. In the U.S. model JX sell in the spring of 2012, and prices start at $ 40,650. How much would a car cost us? That we were not told, but announced that the sale of "J-X's" in Russia will start in the first quarter of 2013.

In August 2012 the Japanese withdrew crossover 7842 Infiniti JX35. The reason - the fuel level are biased testimony.

We will establish a supply pyatidverok with only one power unit - the atmospheric "six" 3.5 (262 hp and 334 N • m) and CVT. In the U.S., sells a version with front-wheel drive, but in our country will only be available all-wheel drive version with a magnetic coupling to drive the rear axle. Passport data of the Russian representative state that crossover mass 1941 kg consumes 10.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Russian specification machines will be available ventilation front seats and heated rear, a multimedia center with Bose sound system with 15 speakers, hard disk drive, navigation, all-sky cameras and a seven-inch monitors in the headrests of the front seats, active cruise control, and technologies that enhance security (monitoring system road markings and dead zones, frontal collision avoidance system).

And yet possible to estimate the Infiniti JX alive. Design? Not impressive. The car looks like a shapeless lump, and a broken window line looks failed experiment. Maybe interior rehabilitated? First impression - as here spacious! But only the first and second rows, and the gallery will fit comfortably only people below-average growth. And disappointed finishing materials - most of the front panel is made of hard plastic. Although the models FX, M and QX such can not be found.

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