Toyota Supra

In 2002, ceased production model Toyota Supra. The latest generation of this model were produced for 9 years. Debuted with the slogan «The sport of Toyota», Supra is much improved in its handling characteristics and safety parameters.

In 1996, held its first facelift model, and in 1997 it was equipped with GOA body and engine with a system VVT-i.

Modification GZ recruited 3-liter turbocharged engine; SZ - 3-liter naturally aspirated engine, RZ - turbo. In addition, modification, SZ-R, RZ and RZ-S completed with Bilstein shock absorbers and a 6-speed manual gearbox Getrag. It is worth paying attention to the version of the Supra with a removable roof (targa) and turbocharged engine. Among the last generation cars, there are versions with automatic transmission.

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