Acura NSX Will Super Compartment

In the history of the project, code-named "Revival NSX» were several sharp turns. The Japanese are not just changing not only the intended shape of the car or a power plant, but also the layout. According to the latest version, the new NSX will still be mid-engined.

In the beginning of this year, the Japanese have stated that they intend to formally withdraw our market brand Acura. It will happen in 2014. At that time it was not known which model Acura will bring to us. Now, in the company of Honda (namely its premium division is Acura) clarified: it is about crossovers and sedans. But the most interesting: in 2015, Russia plans to start selling and flagship brand - coupe Acura NSX, and simultaneously with the launch of the world.

Concept Acura NSX - a last look at a future production coupe.

Recall dvuhdverka Acura NSX supercar is the successor to the legendary Honda NSX, the only generation which was manufactured from 1990 to 2005, of course, with the restyling and modernization. The second generation, if the filling of the concept changes, will - in line with the times - a hybrid. In the new Akure behind the seats installed V6 engine with direct injection, complete motor. They both drive the rear wheels. In addition, another two electric motors mounted at the front and are connected to the front wheels. This combination is called the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, it must provide excellent handling and dynamics.

The Japanese did not say how much power is developing the four engines together, but in order to compete, for example, with the Lexus LFA supercar or a (hypothetical for now) successor, "horses" will need no less than five hundred. In addition, there are plans to release a version of the racing NSX GTE with the index for the "24 Hours of Le Mans." In general, the machine should get a spectacular, not only in appearance but also in substance.

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