Bugatti Completely Redesigned Supersedana Galibier

Project to develop supersedana Bugatti Galibier will resume later this year, but the design of the production car, compared with the same prototype will be significantly changed. This was in an interview with Autocar, said brand manager Wolfgang Dyurhaymer.

According Dyurhaymera, at the moment a new phase in the development of the exterior of the production model, with the final design director Bugatti intends to present to the board of Volkswagen before the Christmas holidays.

"I guess we will continue to develop Galibier, but the car will be substantially different from the original concept - said Dyurhaymer. - Machine Design will be very different, this will be particularly noticeable in the rear, from the B-pillar and closer to the trunk. We greatly simplify the access to the second row of seats free up rear legroom of passengers and improve ergonomics. We also make the car a little longer, and the engine power will be expressed four-digit number. "

Project to launch a series supersedana Bugatti Galibier Dyurhaymerom was suspended in early September. He said that until the car corresponds to the status of the best, fast and expensive cars in the world. Top manager after discussing the project details with the engineers was unhappy with the engine power, the calculated dynamic performance, comfort and free space in the cabin.

Conceptual version of the Galibier was introduced last year at the Motor Show in Geneva. Prototype had deforsirovanny from 1001 to 800 horsepower W16 engine from vosmilitrovy hypercar Veyron. In this case, for the motor instead of the four turbines use mechanical blowers.

According to preliminary data, in supersedan series will be launched in 2013 or 2014. Production machine will adjust the French factory in Molsheim. Value of the car exceeds a million euros.

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