Honda Accord Preview and Image Wallpaper

Japanese company does not consider the Old World as the main market for the new model.
Honda recently reported on the technical characteristics of the new generation Accord. For U.S. and Canadian markets machine will be sold after September 10, when the company will announce the price of a new car, then reported. For the first time on the new Accord will apply new technology Earth Dreams, an analogue of the Mazda and SkyActive EcoBoost from Ford Motor Co. Innovative injection and timing to become a big breakthrough of the late 80's, when Honda introduced the motors VTEC.

The system will be equipped with Earth Dreams and 2.4-liter (185 hp) and 3.5-liter (278 hp), which was originally set new Accord. The first engine will be available only with the CVT, the second - with the mechanics and automatic transmission. Besides, we already know that some time after the launch of new products will be a hybrid version of the sedan. The installation will consist of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. Accord Hybrid can overcome the electric only up to 24 kilometers at a speed of not more than 100 km/h

However, all this can not but worry the Europeans: the car hardly finds among these buyers, because in its class in Europe traditionally reigning French and German cars. Besides the big cars in Europe now as ever to honor, let them at least three times to be economical.

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