Peugeot 408 Preview

Peugeot company starts selling in the country's largest sedan in the class or family cars "Golf" class.

Peugeot presented its opinion on the car that we want, in accordance with the company's vision: towards the premium.

Received a "408-y" - a sample of how to build a Russian vehicle. Including our car factories. That's what consumers are simple throughout the country and that they were able to find and take into account the engineers of the French company. And it is not formal, package and for all markets as soon as it happens, and just below the "shape" of our motorists. And the price is not discouraging. Moreover, following competitors even untrained specifically to our needs.

1. Put the engine under the metal. In this case, the bottom of the car is made almost flat and well-protected. Masterfully done.

2. Increased rigidity of the body that, among other things, reduced noise and vibration in the cabin from the chassis. In the car insulation decent, quiet car. The vibrations are not felt at all.

3. Strengthened suspension. Hydraulic dampers with valves at a pressure of 3 bar - good vibration damping, high stability on the road without losing any comfort. To increase the lateral stiffness in the front suspension changed the relationship between the frame rails and subframe. The rear suspension welded together four important elements (cross with two arms, stabilizer bar) to give greater rigidity - reduced vibration of bad roads, improved reliability of a body, while maintaining comfort for passengers.

4. Camber angle is reduced by 0.2 degrees, which affected the accuracy of the control on the broken roads.

5. Increased rear overhang to 1 meter - have received the highest capacity of the trunk in the class - 560 liters. Plus gave it a rectangular shape and cleaned fixing arc that usually come in and snag the load.

6. Introduced an additional button in the cabin (on the left of the steering wheel) to open the trunk, as found that the trunk in hands often dirty. So that the cover can be opened with key fob or the button manually.

7. Added niches and storage around the cabin, increasing their size and volume to cram / ​​stuffed could be all that is conceivable. In the glove compartment easily into a 1.5-liter bottle, the most common size of our beverage packages.

8. Heating increased the rear passengers feet and lengthened the carts to improve blower with 15 ventilation grilles.

9. 60L fuel tank capacity.

10. Raised ground clearance: nearly 18 inches at the lowest point.

11. High-capacity battery.

12. Generator power is raised: see under what conditions it is necessary to start the engine and operate the car - and did.

13. Reinforced seat heater.

14. The mirrors are heated and electric, full-size "reserve."

15. Heating the bottom of the windshield (with wipers) and washer nozzles.

The company does not have an opportunity to break in the machine with 110 - and 120-horsepower engine (the latter is likely the most popular), but 150 forces to Turbocharge and 6-speed manual showed that the car is quite adequate for our roads and traveling conditions. 240 Nm of torque is enough to make a breakthrough when overtaking trucks within a limited range. Octopus at the tachometer needle reaches the red zone (about 6,000 rpm), which is reminiscent of sports cars. Twin-Scroll system directs the flow of exhaust gases actually removing turboyamy in the turbine. And this engine tune out the possibility of faulty fuel pouring it (within reason, of course). Motor BMW, note. But ahead of us in the famous diesel Peugeot 112 hp

Flow with turbobenzinovym promise about 8 liters in the combined cycle. I got on the track 10 liters, but I had the car in all conditions.

Works great 6-speed automatic - pereschelkivaet transfer of the case and at the right time, almost palpable. Especially good this unit manually. The car is really tame: you can slow down the engine, as in the usual "mechanics", hardly any brake, accelerate, using all the engine and out of the corners of the prepared transfer - in tension and with overclocking. Ie to drive in a hard, prohvatyvayuschem sports mode.

How do the four-speed automatic and manual - is unknown. This front. But the suspension beyond praise: prohvatyvaet on our roads and uhabinam to click, hold up well at high speeds. Increased by one coil springs, shock absorbers specially reconfigured, strengthened rack. Clearance of about 18 cm - I stop at the curb without hesitation, broken, or timber, country road. A solid steel skid and flat bottom additionally play up here. Brakes may not be aggressive enough, but then the family car, designed for everyday drivers. Above all, they can effectively inhibit quite reliable and that is enough.


Access to complete machine has Audiopreparation of 6 speakers (attached directly to the body elements for sound quality), wiring and antenna. In configurations Active and Allure - audio CD, MP-3. And Allure also USB connector and the "hands-free". Russified navigation and has a 7-inch touch screen. Flash memory - 1 GB. You can put a rear-view camera and a TV antenna.


Up to six airbags, five belts for each rider, as standard - ABS, electronic brake force, the system of emergency braking.

Warranty - 3 years, 20,000 miles - an interval you may extend the warranty for another 2 years (while offering similar Mercedes and BMW).

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