Honda Civic - Best Woman's Car of the Year 2012

Honda CIVIC - At the Paris Motor Show was a contest for the title of "Woman's Car of the Year 2012."

Nominations were divided into four categories: family car, luxury car, sports and the most fuel efficient car. The winner in the latter category and became Honda Civic.

The jury chose the Civic, based on the most important criteria that guide the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity when buying a car - safety, price, design and color, luggage capacity, comfortable handling, the level of impact on the environment and easy to transport children. By recent innovations in the form of economical 1.6-liter engine i-DTEC, which will soon be equipped with the Honda Civic, and the output range of sports Type R in 2015, and certainly contributed to the primacy of the model in this category.

The initial list of nominees compiled 20 women experts from 11 countries and included 300 models of different car brands.

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