New Lexus IS-F Preview, Images Wallpaper

The first generation model of Lexus IS-F was published in 2007. This means that even the time came for us to think about the Lexus second-generation sports sedan. Actually, this is a manufacturer and busy.

The Japanese brand is going to introduce a new generation of its models in just a couple of years. While the company Lexus strives to keep all details of the car in secret, but some details still pop out.

Thus, recently overseas edition Autoblog has learned that Japanese engineers are considering installing a new Lexus IS-F turbocharged engine. What volume it will be, in general, will - so far, we can only say that, in any case, the company will have to set the sports-sedan engine with at least 450 horsepower. Otherwise, it will be hard to compete Lexus'u to competitive models in this segment.

Recall that the current generation of the car is equipped with a weather-power unit working volume of 5.0 liters and 423 hp It works in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

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