Nissan Leaf - the best for daily trips | Nissan Leaf Preview

Believes that travel between cities and suburbs, the best Japanese electric car.

Nissan Leaf - considered as the level of fuel efficiency car in urban environments.
Nissan Leaf does not need fuel, offers quiet, comfortable ride, and a number of convenient and easy-to-use features. The standard equipment list, complete Nissan Leaf SV includes heated front and rear seats, heated door mirrors, heated steering wheel, switch LED headlamps, navigation system, a telematics service CARWINGS, Bluetooth system and XM Satellite Radio. (Subscription required, sold separately).

Additional options in the configuration Nissan Leaf SL include a port for fast charging of the third level 480 photovoltaic solar panel in the rear spoiler, the monitor for the rear view camera, very easy to park on the street. Leaf has become the world's first all-electric car for the mass market, zero emissions, and the first electric vehicle available for purchase common man. It can be purchased in any region of the United States of America.

"Our data show that the owners of Nissan Leaf in average passing about 50 miles a day. This model is just designed for daily run, which satisfies the needs of most Americans," said Brendan Jones, director of marketing and sales strategy for electric vehicles.

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