Opel wants to make Adam'a convertible

October 24 in Brazil in Sao Paulo Motor Show to be revealed. Perhaps it would have attracted so much attention, if not the statement of Nissan, in the framework of the show, she will demonstrate a new class of vehicle.

Expand the list of modifications Opel Adam, currently consisting of a single version will be called convertible. According to the publication AutoExpress, the German manufacturer has already completed work to create and refine the look of the car and now is preparing its production lines for its mass production.

It is expected that the car will be on the conveyor in the next year. Any specific date for the premiere of the new modification and production start date has not yet been made public.

But reported few details on the exterior of the open Opel Adam. Thus, it became known that the roof of the car will make like the one that is installed on the Fiat 500C. Actually, a little "Italian" should be the main competitor for the German compact.

A significant role in the design of the model has to play and presented in Paris Citroen DS3 convertible. But the question, in this case, is not a soft-top, which is similar to the mechanism of its opening Fiat'ovskoy and a wide possibility personalization available, in principle, for the entire line of DS.

Other parts of the cabrio version Adam'a yet reported.

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