The New Volkswagen Polo Will Become a Crossover

The Volkswagen Group is actively developing a line of compact crossovers its subsidiary Audi, but the work in this direction with respect to VW brand until now were not as active.

With the new global platform MQB has changed. It seems that the Volkswagen is ready to set her half lineup of the same brand and model minority of Audi.

In general, be that as it may, the German company has recently announced its intention to build on this platform, a compact crossover. In fact, the car will be a "bloated" version of the new generation Volkswagen Polo. Judge the design of the future can be SUV'a appearance concept car VW Cross Coupe.

Any other manufacturer until the crossover characteristics did not disclose. He only said that the new product will be its dimensions similar to the Audi Q2, and that the world market model will be released no earlier than 2014.

Also, the German company said that the future SUV will be just another step in the systematic development of the line SUV Volkswagen.

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