Two Liters Engine to Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ - The company went on an unprecedented experiment and equipped luxury executive sedan class 2.0-liter engine.

Jaguar launched the company in a series of new engines. Own engines, as you know, the foundation of prosperity and power of any car brand. You can draw arbitrarily beautiful cars, stuffed with all kinds of electronics, put in a soft lounge chairs and a lamp with shade. Sell ​​all this splendor for a half-price.

But none of this will matter if the machine will not appear decent motor. These vehicles are simply not in demand. It is no accident led popularity are brands that have their own well-developed automotive engineering. Among them is Jaguar.

I went on it in England in different modes, and in none of them did not upset the car, did not seem boring or unfinished. Huge sedan and with the extended base accelerates with ease - 340 Nm of torque! The two-liter engine of the golf class is representative vehicle as a feather all the dynamic features have remained at the level of the class. Comfort and equipment - at the same height. Inside, quiet and comfortable. XJ for the first call executes all the commands. Disperse hundreds of runs in 7.0 (!) Seconds. Maximum speed is electronically limited (!) And reaches 250 km / h

While the fuel consumption of just 8.7 l/100 km and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere - as in small and low-powered counterparts. This Jaguar! Moreover, the largest in the series! The car has not lost anything from the fact that the car should have such class and such a brand. But got an amazing attitude to themselves by such indicators. Jaguar engineers have removed them from the "low-volume" engine 240 hp. a., almost as much as a current turbo V6.

Moreover, this approach also remained XJ switch S (Sport) and the button "finish box", which significantly changes the character of the car, set it up, making the machine even cooler and more real sports. Where reserves, and what's the catch?

And all thanks to the fact that the body XJ - single aluminum monocoque. Aluminum and the engine itself, so that its weight is only 138 kg. A streamlined close to ideal.

Awesome work on this car and the new eight-transmission. It is so perfect that it does not feel at all. In this paper it does not manifest itself. There is no delay, no failures, no audible or feel somehow switching. Machine like electric car, just go, accelerates the pace and nature of change traffic, as requested by the driver, and all. Box in the car simply "no."

Such a machine is changing the culture of consumption of luxury executive vehicles without loss of consumer properties and comfort inherent in a car of this class, accustomed to saving and prudence, new thinking.

But we have such a car will not. In the Russian office of the company consider that potential and existing users of Jaguar in Russia will not understand this proposal, and turned away in favor of other brands. In our country in this class are buying extremely powerful and proper owner of the car. And although the Jaguar XJ is no marker, report to others, how the motor is equipped with this instance, what is its power and weapons, two-liter "Jaguar" is still not going to buy.

While I would love a car bought: a huge, prestigious, superkomfortny sedan with excellent road performance, which can meet all my needs and desires. Democratic, but still aristocratic car. You do not have to pay when buying such a car for the extra power, pay more taxes, spend more money on fuel and pollute the atmosphere in excess of the permissible. And who cares, with which the motor in the car I drive, even if the class of fellows, I do not feel it themselves disadvantaged or deficient. On the contrary - the highest level in all respects.

In Russia, we offer a classic V6 with 340 hp. with. and 450 Nm of torque, with acceleration up to hundreds of less than 6.0 seconds and a speed of 250 km / h Yes, with this motor XJ will be to you a true "Jaguar" - a noble roar, choppy vminaniem sprinter with a body in the back seat, the nature of the wild, barely tamed, the beast. But in all this there is no sensation. So at all, and it should be. Really bright in the car - a system of "Start / Stop". It includes the engine is at the moment when the driver begins to let only the brake pedal. This engine replaces the five-liter V8 version of the atmospheric in all markets.

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  • jaguar xj says:

    Jaguar's cars are symbol of perfection in car world.They got excellent looks with unique styling.Its interior is too close to perfection.But only few people can buy it.

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