Volvo Announced The End Of Production Of The C30

Volvo C30 - What is the rationale discontinued this model, the Swedish brand did not specify. He also did not say - any plans to close this segment of the new car.

Volvo C30 compact hatchback produced by the Swedes in 2006. During this time the company has released a single generation of the model, so the news of the termination of its production has become a bit of a surprise, given that the compact city hatchback gaining increasing popularity among motorists worldwide.

As is the case with some other brands, this model could be due to low demand relatively high cost. For example, in the Russian market of Volvo C30 is 874,000 rubles. Of course, for the money you can afford a car and a class above and with a rich equipment.

According to the Volvo, hatchback some time will continue to be sold in certain markets, but in limited quantities and, most of all, special trim. For example, in America, the Swedes are going to sell the "charged" version of the C30 with a 2.5-liter 250-horsepower engine with a circulation of 250 copies. Will the car sold on the Russian market - not reported.

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