"Bentley Falcon" will appear in 2015. Review & Images

The crossover will be radically different from the concept EXP 9 F presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.

Prototype called crossover in Geneva violent reaction. The car was called ugly, shocking. However, parts of the Russian clients crossover like: received pre-orders for this model. Positively took the car in the United States and China.

The car will be in showrooms by 2015 and will be sold under the name Falcon («Falcon"). Interior decided not to change, the central panel will be unified with the top models Audi. Maybe the car will be the third row of seats, so that the crossover can grow in size in comparison with the original version. The car will cost about $ 250,000 - more than the Continental, but cheaper than the Mulsanne. New products will be positioned much higher than the Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.

Masthead Falcon may receive W12 engine capacity of 600 liters. a., and simpler versions - 4.0-liter V8, which had recently debuted on the next generation Continental. In addition, the British will present a crossover with a hybrid consisting of a V6 engine and an electric motor with total capacity of about 400 liters.

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