BMW Will Continue to Develop a Range of Eco-Products

At the upcoming motor show in Los Angeles, the Bavarian manufacturer intends to introduce a new member of the family «i» - a concept car called the u4

According to the newspaper L'Automobile, the car will be a "sport" version of the other eco-friendly model BMW family «i» - hatchback i3. Actually, the whole "sport" will not be to a more powerful power plant, but in a different body. If the BMW i3 - is a five-door hatchback, the i4 will be a three-door.

But the technical component of the models is expected to be the same. This electric motor is 170 hp at the rear axle. Will there be something else different "sport" version of the model from the "regular" version - currently unknown.

And early to talk about it. You should at least wait for the start of series production i3. As expected, it has to start in the second half of 2013 and the end of the year the first copies of the electric vehicle should reach European dealerships. Following this model, BMW plans to bring to the world markets and hybrid supercar i8 - in 2014. It should be noted that both cars are, in theory, should be sold in Russia. Only will they have a decent delay.

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