Bosch Spark For "ASIA"

The company introduced ten new spark plugs for Japanese and Korean cars - Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota.

The lineup includes a glow plug with a sheathed heating element Bosch Duraterm, which are characterized by very rapid heating. In less than three seconds they reach a temperature of over 1000 ° C. These candles diesel engine runs almost as fast as gasoline. Bosch manufactures all glow in strict accordance with the requirements of car manufacturers, say the company.

Candles provide a quick pre-start heating, safe start, solid performance cold engine, promises the company.

In modern diesel vehicles glow plugs are responsible for more than just starting. They help maintain a quiet engine performance and provide low exhaust emissions during warm-up. Glow plug system works even when the engine is warmed up and running at partial load, for example when driving through the city.

This helps to achieve more complete combustion of fuel to run the system reduce exhaust emissions, such as particulate filter.

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