Ford Showed The Updated Sedan Fiesta

Platform for the world premiere of the updated model of the American manufacturer has chosen showroom in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

In early September of this year, Ford has already presented an updated Fiesta. However, then it was a hatchback for the European market. Now the time has come to show the updated model in the sedan.

The result of improvements car was modified appearance and a number of technical innovations. As for the exterior design Ford Fiesta, now the sedan has a false radiator grille trapezoidal shape, a new form of the hood and new headlights head light. Inside the machine is detected other registration dashboard, central tunnel and armrest. The company's staff has changed the location of the lever transmission.

The technical innovations of the car include an upgraded suspension and other settings electric power steering. Also, this list could be a new four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to run on dual fuel - petrol and ethanol. According to the Ford'a, with the first unit develops 110 hp, and with the second - 115 HP

When the updated Fiesta sedan goes on sale - not specified.

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