Jaguar F-Type: under the sign of the beast

The appearance of the car - perhaps the most important event of the year, not only for the brand Jaguar, but the entire automotive world.

First, is the relationship of the legendary past with the present. Then, the product of luxury brand - a brand that stands on Olympus avtostroeniya world and then something can and must. Finally, it is the quintessence of the current level of the industry, today it is almost unbearable, achievements, and therefore the possibility of carp as an example in zoology to understand what kind of "big fish" in the state to create today the auto industry.

The application for the establishment of high-speed roadster - the most responsible statement, which only can make any auto company. This type of car is usually determines the top achievements of the manufacturer, its exclamation point. However, Jaguar has increased even more responsibility, holding the creation of not just the open car based on an existing machine, and is designing a new model in its own line, and even linking it to the legendary car, whose fame had gone into the history of motorization of the world forever. That is going back to 75 years ago, in 1937, the SS100, the first real sports car, in fact, the first "Jaguar" (from which the company was renamed Jaguar and was first invented and cast a famous figure now known to all the "cat"). That's why the success of Jaguar grandiose and significant.


Disguised false masks car company showed another Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood, to gather there in anticipation of the sophisticated audience could appreciate the sound of the car and its overall image - the fundamental attributes of any roadster. Then there was a private screening model in Berkshire, which invited a select few journalists, which was that I am a representative of "Cars." We previously searched and robbed of mobile phones and cameras, and long dark XJ carried in one accompanied by security guards in black on a narrow winding "trail" - a corridor - along the cane (or corn), rising well above the car on a closed private property (as it turned out belonging to someone of Russian millionaires) to a luxurious villa on the shores of a wild river. And there are two luxury cars, announced preliminary district powerful roar of the same reeds as a lion savannah, brought to our court itself Adrian Hallmark, the head of the brand, and Ian Callum, Jaguar designer and creator of the new icons.

I think my jaw at the same time dropped, and his eyes lit up with delight, because the phenomenon was something. The machines could not come off, so perfect they looked a whole and each part of each and all. We stroked the cars, sat in the chair, spinning wheel, flipped the switches and languages ​​and talked and talked, conveying the impression of at least a burning Hallmark and was taken aback a little lost and Callum. Such a burning desire to leave immediately on the road I had not experienced for a long time. But to no avail. Ahead was the official premiere in Paris.


Perd oktrytiem showroom new roadster presented selected audience at the Paris Rodin Museum sexual. And then the same fallen jaw, burning eyes and trembling fingers nervously in anticipation of the meeting, I saw many visitors to the stand of the brand Jaguar at the Motor Show. Before the cars head to head prohvatit in the film on a huge screen at a dizzying narrow serpentine in the clouds somewhere in Chile, and by the end of the film, having gone to the point, rolled out by the same Hallmark Callum and spread through the walls of the stand to the public, crackling overheated brakes porykivaya and cooling the turbine.

Motorists on the court offered three versions of luxury roadster: F, FS and FV8S. The first and the second - with the compressor motor of 3.0 liters. Option F-340 l. a., 0 - 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds, top speed 260 km / h Option FS - 380 l. a., 0 - 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds, top speed 275 km / h In top FV8S 5,0 V8 engine to 495 liters. with. (625 Nm). Disperse hundreds of 4.3 seconds, top speed 300 km / h All rear-wheel drive. Models equipped with the S slip differential (mechanical and electronic V6 with a V8) to maximize traction and provide maximum driving pleasure. This car must sound good, and it sounds through special valves used in the exhaust system, which open at 3000 r / min engine, ranking in the roar of the engine sneaks soul crescendo.

All machines same vosmidiapazonny "automatic» Quickshift with selector SportShift, which offers full manual sequential gear changes with its own means or via paddle shifters. FS is equipped with a V6 engine start feature dynamic Dynamic Launch, which optimizes acceleration from zero. S models are also equipped with active exhaust and allows the driver to adjust the taste dynamic characteristics of the machine, use the stopwatch and the sensor overload. The car is always on par with his rider. Transmission studies driving style and adapts to it. Thus, the "bottom" of the car just seems visible. Fantastic thing. Set of sport modes available via the touch screen display, you can build, add and store the vehicle.

In F-Type made every effort to involve sitting behind the wheel in an active driving. At a speed of 120 km / h rear spoiler extends from the nice title Jaguar. (Sliding door handles, too.) In cars with V6 two exhaust pipes in the middle (like the oboe), the V8 - four at the edges. Nice find. Interior is divided into two zones - the driver and passenger. ESP is fully deactivated after 10 seconds of pressing the button. And then sitting behind the wheel is left alone with the vehicle-animal.

F-Type all-aluminum, including the suspension subframes. Body colorless weighs only 261 kg! Its proportions are perfect for a roadster. And guess profile image jaguar. Perfect ergonomics of the workplace, including the driver's seat. So who knows how to build cars, knows exactly how to be a sports car. And the hood opens from the rear forward. Under it are visible electric damper settings and a metal amp between the posts. Wings interrupted rubber part, since there is no power components. Tent ("and only tent!") Can sum to 12 seconds at least 150 km / h, but who would think of this, but the technology further underlines the strength of engineering designers Jaguar. Rival Porsche 911 and faster than some Aston Martin. Mercedes SLK class and size F-Type below.

Doors open electronics, paddle shifters - yellow, red button Start and Stop, short gearshift lever, perfectly stretched warm and waterproof cloth roof. Trunk for the box with bottles - especially made for the Germans. Between February and the start of production from April edition. Approximately 85% will go to the United States, and most of the remainder will go to Germany and Britain (forecast marketing company). In the UK, the machine in terms of our money's worth from 3.5 to 5 million. Adrian Hallmark, brand director of Jaguar brand

Jaguar was the founder of the sports cars in the world to Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini, and therefore must have a car in the lineup as the F-Type. Raisins in it that he would never lose control, but would at the same time will not be tamed. Sports character steeper than XK, although the F-Type less. During the life of the roadster will be 4 × 4, and new engines. I myself am looking forward for myself FV8S green with black interior. Go until the XKR-S. Ian Callum, Jaguar chief designer and creator of the F-Type

The basis of design of any sports car - tail. He - my favorite place in the F-Type. Here and the beauty and functionality. I think the model found good correlation between aggression and goodwill. Keys and buttons must be present in such machines for tactile sensations. For the record

New double British sports car has already received the first prize - the American magazine Autoweek. The new F-Type symbolizes the return of the company to its roots: two-seat sports coupe is focused on speed, dynamics and control, and continues to sport line, which dates back 75 years in time and includes some of the most beautiful, fascinating and coveted cars in history , the newspaper notes.

SS 100, who after the war, "Jaguar", presented in 1935 at an exhibition in London. The car struck the imagination: a long hood and flowing lines of wings gave the car similar to the predator. Luxurious interior and claimed speed of 100 miles per hour (marked in the index) for less than 500 pounds! For this car was ordered the famous jaguar figurine made famous painter and sculptor Frederick Gordon Crosby.

Jaguar SS 100 was a real sports car and the first of the legendary car company. The model series was produced from 1935 to 1939 in two versions: with engine capacity of 2.5 and 3.5 liters. In all there were 198 cars. Currently, the model produced by the piece various engineering centers.

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