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November 3, 1937 factory was Koroma in Japan, the first automobile manufacturing enterprise brand.

It all started with the fact that more than a century ago Sakichi Toyoda founded a textile company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. In 1926, he created the first automatic loom for mass production of cloth. Son Sakichi - Kiichiro Toyoda, continued his father. But in 1929, having been in the U.S., saw the process of production of cars and sick "theme."

On his return to Japan, he assembled a team of engineers and Risaburo Toyoda, who headed the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, the company has created a department to develop cars. In the prewar years, Kiichiro Toyoda switched to the production of trucks for military purposes. In 1935, we completed the development of the first model - Truck Model G1.

Once it was mass production truck models, Kiichiro Toyoda was able to return to work on cars. Model AA prototype appeared in 1936. At the same time the brand got its present name - Toyota. To select the name, the company announced the contest, in which it was adopted more than 20,000 suggestions from the people of Japan. Model AA was the first car models under the brand Toyota. August 28, 1937 is based, "Toyota Motor Company" in 1982 and to this day known as the "Toyota Motor Corporation." Risaburo Toyoda became the first president of the company.

In January 1959, it was first launched production of Toyota vehicles outside Japan - in Brazil. Because of this, as well as the emergence of Motomachi plant in Japan, the monthly production capacity of the company exceeded 10,000 cars. In 1964, Copenhagen (Denmark), Toyota opened its first representative office in Europe. In 1969, the office moved to Brussels (Belgium) and later renamed the company "Toyota Motor Europe." By 1972, cumulative sales of Toyota reached 1 million units.

BJ (1951)

The first Corolla (1966)

Work on the Russian market began in 1990, when the first Toyota dealer in Russia. In 1998, it opened the Moscow office of "Toyota Motor Corporation." In April 2002, Russia began its work the National Company for sales and marketing, called OOO "Toyota Motor". After 10 years in Russia sold more than 920,000 Toyota and 88,000 cars Lexus. In December 2007, in St. Petersburg plant open, "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia", which began production business-class sedans Toyota Camry.

Since the opening of the plant produced over 50,000 cars Toyota Camry sixth and seventh generation. At the moment, OOO "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia" makes Toyota Camry cars with petrol engine 2.0, 2.5 and 3.5 for the markets of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

For 75 years Toyota has grown out of the car department at weaving a global automaker, which has more than 000 employees, more than 330, the total output exceeded 200 million units.

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