"Toyota" - The Leaders Of Theft

Vehicle theft associated with the growing demand for spare parts most popular brands.

How do I find the company's experts' AutoLocator "for 3 years, the most" popular "cars on the absolute number of hijacking attempts are Toyota Camry, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus RX 350.

When comparing the frequency of attempts to hijack the dynamics of each car's most notable growth was Mitsubishi Lancer. Growth was 4.3%. Increasing dynamics was observed in 2011 - 5.4%. In second place is the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, in 2012, the number of attempts of theft of the car has increased by 2.4% and in 2011 by 4.4%.

The third position is Mazda 3, which added 1.9% in 2012 and 1% in 2011. However, the observed inverse dynamics: the car's Land Rover Range Rover in 2012 increased by 0.2%, but in 2011 it decreased by 1.7%.

According to specialists' AutoLocator, "the probability of a particular car theft affected by a number of external factors, among which is one of the main life of the vehicle. Least likely (5%) to steal cars the first year of use. Minimum percentage of attempts to have avtokrazh Autonovelties. Experts of "AutoLocator" explain this phenomenon by the fact that the "gray" market has not had time to form the demand for components for this car.

Cars second year are more cost - the risk is 15%. The group most at risk are the machine of the third year - the probability of theft is 60%. This car vysokolikviden also owners lose vigilance, considering that a used car does not interest hijackers. The risk of theft longer life shows a gradual decline - by 3-4% per year, but for many popular models, especially the German and Japanese, it is still possible theft of 20 years.

The greatest number of hijacking attempts (67.9%) occurs at night in the yard. Day recorded 19.1% of hijackings, most often take their car parks of shopping centers and office buildings. Least likely to commit crimes in the morning (6.6%, hijacking of country houses and yards) and evening (6.4%, with car parks restaurants and bars).

The most dangerous areas, according to data for the first nine months of 2012, became the Eastern and Southern Administrative District. In 2011, the leading position on the number of attempts to hijack occupied South-East and South-West regions. The safest areas for car owners three consecutive years (2010-12 years) are the North-East, Northern District, according to the company "AutoLocator."

Activity is determined by the hijackers of the season: the largest number of attempts to hijack accounts for the summer and up to 40% of the total, highest ensured the phenomenon of "summer" hijackings. Winter is another period of increased malicious activity (31% of auto theft), peaking in the winter holidays, when many motorists celebrate holidays and leave the vehicle unattended.

Decline in the number of attempts theft is in the fall and spring - 13% and 16% respectively.

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