BMW Has Introduced A Fourth Series Review Images Wallpaper

New name - 4-Series - will now be known as dvuhdverki based treshki.

Compared to treshka-compartment, four-novelty was only slightly larger: in particular, added wheelbase 50 mm track increased by 45 mm front and 80 mm rear. As for stylistic differences, they were limited to LED headlamps, new aerokitom, exhaust pipes, hidden in the rear bumper and the original wheels on the 20. "

According to rumors, 4-Series will get a four-and six-cylinder turbo up to 3.0 liters capacity of 245-306 forces. In addition to the six-speed manual transmission will be available vosmidiapazonny machine.

BMW 4-Series will present at the January Motor Show in Detroit, the production will start in the middle of summer. Version will open next fall.

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