BMW M3 added horsepower

The prototype of the new M3 will be presented in March at the Motor Show in Geneva. The production version will debut in Frankfurt in the autumn, and the model will sell later this year. M4 coupe will be launched a year later, the company said.

The family of the current generation M3 is equipped with engine 4.0 V8, which returns only one horsepower less than the new. In this case, the torque from the new engine on the 135 Nm more than its predecessor, reaching 535 Nm. In addition, future M3, are expected to be lighter by about 135 pounds. They curb weight of about 1545 pounds.

In this case, the family of "charged" "treshek" will no longer be offered with a manual gearbox. For models still plan to use the steel structure using a number of aluminum parts, such as doors and hood.

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